Monday, July 30, 2012

The Latest Changes

For the last couple of months we have been selling the oStylus DOT with a few changes from the original design, so we thought we would share what those changes are. In another blog entry we mentioned how our small size means we can change, adapt and respond very quickly. These are concrete examples of how that works.

The current oStylus DOT model
The DOT is now one inch shorter. It's now 5 3/8" (13.5 cm). We had many requests from early users to shorten the stylus so that it fits easily in a shirt pocket. Connected to this idea was the addition of an optional clip for the stylus. We have found a very simple design to complement the aesthetic of the stylus. The clip is chrome-plated steel.

Clip for the oStylus DOT and the original oStylus
On the invisible, or not so visible side, the contact pad has some minor changes. The hole for the titanium wires is now dead-ended (as compared to drilled right through). This prevents any chance of slipping sideways on the wires, and also improves the rotation of the contact pad. The chamfer (or bevel) on the underside has been increased slightly to lower any chance of catching an edge. We have also increased the size of the vinyl pad slightly so it covers the steel more completely. These are all little things, but they mean that the DOT is continually improving.

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