Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Reviews and Feedback

We always welcome reviews and feedback for the oStylus, either model. Lots of authors and film directors swear they never read reviews – and you can see why. If you have spent a year or more working and editing a novel, or directing a movie with a million dollar budget, you have fixed the final product forever in stone and the thought of correcting or tweaking it would be a nightmare.

But not so with the oStylus. We are, as we have said before, a very small design business. Our background is in jewellery making, so we have the tools and technology to make almost anything in metal, build a prototype, try it out, listen to criticism, make an adjustment, and do another short run. In short, we think reviews and feedback are critical to the development of a tool. For example, we heard from a few people that they were a bit nervous about seeing some steel showing around the edges of the vinyl contact. So we made the vinyl contact a tiny bit bigger. We also heard that a pen clip would be a good idea. We didn't like changing our minimalist design, but "the customer is always right," so we sourced a simple design that fits the narrow handles and looks good, and now we include one in the package to use if you like.

Recently we heard from a customer who bought both the original model oStylus and the new oStylus DOT. We asked them if they would take the time to compare the two models. And the response made it all worthwhile. They were kind enough to allows us to reprint their impressions:

"I've had some time over the weekend to try them out, and I am very pleased. It is clear that you have honed them both to pull the maximum possible out of the Apple devices. I feel that I have purchased the best possible stylus tools, and I am glad that I ordered both. The original oStylus is a unique offering. It is ideal for close detail work, especially tracing around objects or filling in shapes. The new dot model is great for handwriting and freehand sketching. Also, on the iPhone's smaller screen, the dot model allows you to write very close to the edge of the screen. So, again, I'm glad I got both tools since the combination allows one to address the whole spectrum of writing and drawing needs. So, thanks very much for some great tools." *  

 So let us know what you think, how we can do better. You might even find one of your suggested improvements** incorporated in the next oStylus.

*Thanks to S.C. in Virginia.
**Sorry, no financial compensation...

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