Thursday, March 8, 2012

New "DOT" Design for oStylus

We have been working for several months now refining a new and alternate design for a stylus for touchscreen devices. It's called the oStylus DOT. That's DOT as in "dot", because it has a small round contact pad that slides across the screen.

The original oStylus was developed primarily for drawing and painting on tablets such as the iPad. We were thinking about artists and graphic designers who wanted more accuracy and more visibility of the screen than their finger would allow. But we found that a lot of people were primarily interested in note-taking and handwriting on their tablets. Some of the feedback we got suggested that even though the oStylus allowed you to see through it for more accurate placement of a line, it was a bit big, and a bit awkward for writing with.

So this is what we have come up with. The oStylus DOT is designed primarily for handwriting and note-taking. It has the smallest possible contact pad -- hinged to give you a comfortable hand position. The combination of the small contact size (6 mm) and wire hinge connection means you have an excellent view of the screen compared to your finger or other styluses. The oStylus DOT complements the original oStylus which was primarily designed for drawing and painting Apps. Both are hand-assembled and finished in our studio from aluminum for the handles and stainless steel for the contact pads, with a vinyl surface for smooth contact with the screen. More information will be posted on the website,  where you can ask to be notified when they are available.

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