Sunday, October 30, 2011

Two Things

We have registered as a domain name. It redirects to – as a Canadian business we thought we should claim the name to avoid any future confusion. Our domain name registrar also convinced us that .CA names are very cool, and worthy of trust. Perhaps the economic crisis and the stability of Canadian banks is having a spill-over effect?

We have now sold oStyluses pretty well all over the world but we are not selling them in retail outlets. Our parts manufacturing costs plus our own labour to assemble and finish by hand simply mean we can't afford to do that. Our web site (and as a new experiment and one hometown outlet) remain the only way to order online. I know it seems like a contradiction that we work on Apple computers and use iPads and iPods, all of them made in China, but we are not willing to go offshore and have these manufactured. As craft jewellers we see ourselves like a cottage industry, having strict control over aesthetics, finish, quality and customer satisfaction. Our main market continues to be the United States, but the United Kingdom, Japan, Italy and Germany are close behind. Then there's Australia, Canada, France, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Denmark, Greece, Brazil... and countless more.

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