Friday, March 22, 2013

Simple Is Better

Perfume dispenser?

Recently we received this in our email from a Chinese manufacturer:
"Many  new kinds of stylus pen were released currently . Every design with unique feature in color or structure , such as the pen with perfume sprayer  ,stylus with pen and bottle opener,stylus with SIM card pin etc .Attached include relative picture and price . Samples are available !"

It was reassuring, in a way, to have this perspective on our own two oStylus models - the original oStylus and the oStylus DOT. They have one - and only one - simple purpose: to make interaction with an iPad easier and more accurate. We don't think you really want a perfume sprayer built into your stylus. And why would you need a bottle opener while working on an iPad? Don't even ask.

oStylus DOT
In design, simple is always better. Focus on one thing and do it well.

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