Friday, May 6, 2011

Design Variation 3

We have changed the design of the oStylus very slightly. A few weeks ago we changed the contact pad upper surface to eliminate the cross-hair line on the circle. We agree that the engraved line looked very cool, but it didn't help with accuracy. The line inferred that the stylus was as precise as the crosshair. Software controlling how the line is drawn in the screen means that at different areas of a touchscreen the point of contact shifted slightly within the circle - so the crosshair wasn't consistent. We think screen software is coded to compensate for where you "think" the middle of your finger is touching.

Up to this point we have been engraving the word oStylus on the handle near the contact pad end. We have now designed the handle with a flat area at the tip. This enables us to strike the word "oStylus" using a steel punch into that flat area for a more permanent and clearer trademark.

The third minor change has been to the vinyl contact film. Originally we were using a plain white, but we wanted it a little bit thicker. We were able to find a thicker film, and it is also light reflective - if you ever need to find your oStylus in the dark! This is the same film that is used on vehicles for advertising graphics, so is very tough and long-lasting. We still include a couple of spares in the box in case if you ever need them.

We have also had requests for some sort of container or pouch to keep the oStylus in, for example when you want to throw it into a backpack, or just to protect it on a desk. We hope to have a solution for you in a few weeks.

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